[0.1.14] Equipped Spell gems disappear randomly

  1. I enter combat and after awhile, one of my creatures started to randomly lose all spell gems during combat.
  2. I check what was going on afterwards, out of combat, and my spell gems are not equipped and not in my inventory.
  3. I buy new gems and the same thing happened again, multiple times…
  4. Out of frustration, I put my creature in my castle and get a new replacement creature and put that creature in another position just to be sure.
  5. Funny thing is now that creature is losing its gems also. Happened multiple times but NO other creature had this problem.

I lose alot of crystals over this…

Also, Thanks for all the great content!

What traits does the creature have that is losing its gems?

The first one, my Crypt Bat: Bombardment and Until the End
The second one my Djinn Arcanomancer, that just lost its gems now again: Ascendancy and Surprise!

I spent some hours yesterday, being extra observant. Everything was fine during that time, and it still is.
My setup now has changed so the spell gems being lost might have been due to a combination of many things, spells cast / version / traits and so on.
I’ll let you know it it happens again, for now, my gameplay is fine.

I ran into the same issue, I created the Reincarnation spell gem for 5 of my creatures, I enchanted Class Swap: Chaos on 3 of them and Class Swap: Death on 2 of them and equipped them onto my creatures, all the chaos creatures who had the gems equipped lost them, the death creatures still had them.

I recreated/equipped the gems again and 2 of those 3 creatures have since lost the gems. those 2 are:
Royal Phoenix - Traits: Second Chance, Nice Haircut
Canopy Arachnalisk - Traits: Here to Die, Bad Blood

And the 3rd one that hasn’t lost it’s gem again:
Nix Informer - Traits: Supersonic, No Fear

I couldn’t pinpoint when exactly the gems disappeared, hope this helps!

Edit: Also, I’m playing Trickster if that’s relevant.

I have also encountered the same issue. Mine disappeared from a fusion creature of frostfire efreet and maniac huntsman, with no artifact trait or trick.I had 3 spell gems equipped, two which disappeared before I noticed, and it wasn’t until a later realm that the third one disappeared. Also it seems like the spell gem doesn’t disappear until after you leave the realm, I saw I still had my last gem during one of my last few fights, but when I returned home to check it was gone. Nothing extreme happened during those last fights (no extra traits gained from what I remember).