[0.1.19] Animatus deal only 1 damage with burn

I can’t manage to get Animatus to work with burn. Animatus only does 1 damage regardless of how high my stats are compared to the enemies stats. I go for non-interfering realm properties and compare to my other creatures that does damage with burn.

Tried with: Ashes to Ashes (trait) and Fiery Gleam (spell)

( 1 Burn)

Also, it seems that the first burn applied is the one that counts and it is not possible to overwrite with a new stronger burn?
For me right now, Animatus “locks” all burns to 1 and there is not much I can do.

One suggestion, so you don’t punish further burns, could be to apply a “Stoke” if the new burn you apply is stronger then the current one and keep the duration. This is regrardless of if there is a bug with Animatus or not.

Fiery Gleam cast with Dark Anima (Perk) DOES give damage greater than 1. Manual cast does not.

Looks like stronger versions of debuffs aren’t overwriting weaker versions right now. That might be related to the issue, so I’ll fix it and we’ll see if this problem persists after the next patch. Otherwise, there’s probably some obscure bug that is specific to your traits/artifacts/etc.

No sorry, patch 0.1.20 did not help at all in this case. (- FIX: Debuffs that are applied to enemies that already have those debuffs will now correctly override weaker versions of that debuff.)

Try Animatus with one spell that cause burn, for example Volcano and see if you get the same result (Burn 1).
I stripped Animatus bare of items / gems / team members, but still the same.

Thanks, fixed for the next patch! (again)