[0.1.20] Missing Cutthroat Jungle from Realm list

I am missing Cutthroat Jungle from the Realm list. I do have him in the god list but at rank 0 with a low knowledge rank.

In the early alpha(many patches ago) I died on his realm in the story. The next realm was (I think) eternties end. Anyways story carried on and thought nothing of it. Even completed the boss on level 39 all the way to the end of the story. Turns out the fall out of this is I never gained the ability to go to Cutthroat island again.

Talking with chat about today and suggested I go to realm 31. So I did Eternities End (only choice) and got the quest to go to 39. I went to him and killed him. In my castle won’t show next quest but in realms it shows it as my next quest and looks like im doing the latter part of the story again.

I however still don’t have his realm in the list. I can complete the story again no problems, but think I I would still miss his realm in doing so. Even if I go to 33 I don’t trigger him like I did other events.

Not sure if this bug has been fixed and its just a save fix or if its a bug and save fix. In either case I will answer what I can. I did backup my save before going back in time to realm 31 if it is needed at all!

slot1.sav (512 KB)

It looks like once I go back I can repeat the process between 31 and going to 39 and killing him however repeatable I get the quest after but I can’t seem to be able to complete it. Added information in case it is something that still needs to be worked out.

I can fix your save file for you, but since it has been 14 hours since you posted this, would you like to upload a fresh save file so you don’t lose any progress? Please let me know how you’d like to proceed!

I am good with using that save file, I appreciate the offer. I figured an adjustment to the save may be needed, so I intentionally didn’t go too much further beyond looping trying to sync up the quests.

I tried following similar steps in another post to resolve the issue but couldn’t escape the loop. In doing so my current save isn’t far ahead of the previously attached. Plus my current one has reset Vertraag knowledge in the process, so no worries using the attached :slight_smile:

This should do it - please let me know if you run into any issues!
slot2.sav (512 KB)

It looks to be good so far, thank you. I will let you know if I run into any issues.

@Zack – I’m having the same issue, missing Regalis’ realm from my list of options to teleport to. Is that something you can help me out with? Thanks!

Absolutely - just send me your save file!

@Zack Thank you! Sorry for the delay, I’ve attached the save file. Thanks a ton for all the effort you put into this game, it’s been so fun.
slot1.sav (512 KB)

Here you go! Let me know if you run into any issues.slot1.sav (512 KB)

Worked like a charm! Thanks again.