[0.1.22] Brand new files have a music bug

Upon starting a new file, this is noticeable after your tutorial battle with Everett, the victory theme will continue playing while you roam around your castle until you complete your tutorial quests and head into your first realm. Apocronox’s theme will play now like normal, battle themes will play like normal, but upon leaving the realm and back into Siralim, the realm theme will continue playing. Hopping back into the realm and dying also makes the defeat theme continue playing even while you’ve already returned to Siralim and can walk around while it plays. I’ve noticed this on my first save a few patches ago and tested it with a new save to see if it remained to see if i could diagnose it. Restarting after saving seems to fix it completely, the Castle theme plays like normal after returning and being defeated. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the information!