[0.1.22] I'm Assuming This Huge Slowdown/Delay Is No Bug. But Just In Case

I have a mimic cast timewalk 3-4 times in one turn on a creature with the traits “The Virtue of Patience” and “Concoction”. This results in all my creatures gaining a ridiculous amount of buffs, and reapplying those buffs as well. I also have the traits “Moonlight” and “Surge” to make my creatures gain attack/intelligence/defense from this.

The result is that after my mimic is fully done casting timewalk and all the buff icons appear, there is a delay lasting around, if not over 10 seconds where nothing on the screen happens at all until finally the next creature gets it’s turn. I have buff and stat gain text turned off.

I’m assuming that this is simply the game taking a while to calculate things and that it can’t be fixed that easily. But just in case it is some kind of bug, here’s the report. If it can’t be fixed that easily and it’s just because of how much calculation needs to be done, then I understand.

I can definitely optimize some things in battle to help hangups like this one. I probably won’t be able to do much about it for a while, but I’ll do a huge optimization pass on the whole game eventually.