[0.1.22] Suicide Pact is killing creatures not part of the dominant race

I believe there is a bug or wording that could be improved on Suicide Pact.

The wording on Suicide Pact (Soulflayer Dreamcaster) says “When your dominant creatures are killed, the others are killed as well.”

Currently if one of my maniacs die my entire team is killed, and not just the remaining creatures of the dominant race only. IE. My Soulflayer and Wright are also killed.

Is this intended, or should the skill only kill the dominant races creatures?

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next patch!

No problem, and thank you for looking into it. Out of curiosity, is it a bug or is it the wording that is being updated?

I can see either one making sense for the race.

It’s a bug - all creatures are considered to be dominant regardless of their race right now which isn’t intended.

Ah sounds good, and thank you for the clarification :slight_smile: