0.10.11 New QoL option bug

Sometimes, the new QoL option (to take resources automatically) doesn’t work, for exemple, after fighting a monster, if there is a resource right next to me when I come back to the overworld (North, south, est, west), I won’t be able to take it without pressing a key. In order to solve this, I need to either take another resource and come back to the previous one, or walk a bit far away and come back again.
It breaks a bit the rythm, so I hope there’s enough information to find the problem

I too have experienced this. If I were to estimate it’s frequency, it’s maybe about 1 in 25 ish. Not a huge problem, I just press E to break the item as before the feature, and this feature has definitely sped things up a lot even with the occasional moments like these.

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