0.10.12 Rosenthorne Relic Crashing Game

Seems to be it’s Rank 30, and happens everytime without a crash report to post.

Rank 30: “At the start of its bearer’s turn, this relic Attacks enemies with Blind. These attacks deal 15% less damage for each enemy it Attacks with this effect.”

Team specs just in case.

========== CHARACTER ==========

CarnifeX the Animator (Ascended)
Game Version: 0.10.12

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 105 Animatus
Animatus / Death

Health: 1747
Attack: 677
Intelligence: 677
Defense: 677
Speed: 458

Innate Trait: Brilliant Creation
This creature has 15% more Attack and Intelligence for each dead creature on your side, and 15% more Defense and Speed for each living creature on your side.

Spell Gems:

Relic: Rosenthorne, Dark Blade of Erebyss (Rank 105)

Level 105 Harpy Marauder
Harpy / Chaos

Health: 763
Attack: 805
Intelligence: 852
Defense: 483
Speed: 805

Innate Trait: Bad Omen
At the start of battle, this creature afflicts enemies with Blind.

Spell Gems:

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I am encountering the same exact issue

Game force closes, no error code or anything, and it seems to always happen when the window text says “Rosenthorne (black blade whatever) attacks the enemy” or whatever the combat text is