0.10.12, Win 10: Inconsistent "manual cast" behavior on Spellweaver

When you cast the same spell repeatedly as a result of casting that spell “additional times”, the additional casts also count as “manual” casts. For example, casting a spell 3 times as a Spellweaver using Eternal Echo granted 3 infusions. After adding the “% Chance to Cast Twice” spell gem property and casting the spell 4 times, this increased to 4 infusions/manual casts.

However, if the initial cast triggers the Chrono Shift and/or Temporal Anomaly perks and causes your other gems to cast, the additional casts do not count as manual: The very first cast counts as manual, then the above & below gems cast three times each as non-manual, then the first spell casts its remaining two times as non-manual, for a grand total of just one manual cast.

I’m not sure which of these two behaviors is the bug, honestly, as until now I assumed that “additional” casts did not count as “manual” casts. Either way, it leaves Spellweaver in a weird place where Chrono Shift and Temporal Anomaly hinder the other perks from triggering as often.

I just tested this further using Vertraag’s trait, Lune, and the random spells it added also blocked the first spell’s additional casts from being considered manual. Therefore, this strangeness isn’t just limited to Spellweaver’s perks. It appears that any time a non-manual cast is present in a sequence of spells, every spell that comes after it is also considered non-manual, even if they would have been manual otherwise.