0.10.12 (Win 10) Way Too Many Stats

Talking with C4nif3x today, we both noticed that our creatures were gaining significant boosts (more than 50%) to all stats upon entering battle, with no particular source. The effect remains after disabling everything that I know how to disable, and is far stronger than my Relic Synergy should be.

After a great deal of math and several runs through an innocent and unsuspecting R0 Blood Grove, I believe the source of these bonuses may be the card stat bonuses introduced in the last major patch. The stat gains I’m experiencing are almost precisely consistent with ten times my card bonuses, leading me to suspect that there is a misplaced decimal point somewhere.

If that’s not it, then I don’t know what’s going on, but something is definitely up. C4nif3x is much deeper than I am, and is experiencing the effect at a greater magnitude.

You’re correct, cards seem to be giving a higher bonus than intended. Thanks!