0.10.12 Win10 - Blademaster Brownie defending forever

I wasn’t paying so much attention so I didn’t see what happened right before this started happening, but I’m currently stuck on a Blademaster spamming defense nonstop in a battle. His turn never seems to end, and all my guys are at turn 0 still.

He’s increasing battle fatigue’s damage multiplier and I get an updated bigger number every 15 sec or so.

Here’s a gif showing the defense spam:

The damage multiplier going up

When I press F to view my turn counters:

I was holding E but it continues to defend when I don’t hold E (pausing when it shows a new fatigue number). As far as I can tell I have no way out lol… just gonna close and relaunch but thought I’d report it first.

I’m pretty low realm depth still so there shouldn’t be anything particularly wild going on with my traits. And this is realm instability 0 so should be nothing really weird on the enemy team either.

Blademaster’s trait is “After this creature attacks, and the damage exceeds 35% of the target’s Maximum Health, enemies take 70% of this damage as well.” which seems to have nothing to do with defending…


Let it get this high before relaunching lol

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!