0.10.12 Win10 -- Derivation and other stat weirdness

Something funky is going on here:

In the above screenshot, I have allocated Radiance and Vext’s Invocation. I also have an 11.7% boost to stat-increasing effects from my ranks in the Nature Guild. I also have the 2-card Mite bonus, which is a 10% increase to speed boosts. To the best of my ability I have controlled for all other variables.

Frost Armor is a 30% increase, chosen to allow me to calculate accurately.

  • Starting defense: ~284k
  • Expected boost (no bonuses): ~85k
  • Expected boost (bonuses additive): ~189k
  • Expected boost (bonuses multiply): ~227k
  • Actual boost: ~189k

Collective Unconscious (typo in the history printout, by the way) causes any Defense gained to also be gained as Attack.

  • Defense gained: ~189k
  • Expected boost (bonuses additive): ~417k
  • Actual boost: ~305k
  • Expected boost (cleric perk doesn’t work): ~305k

So it seems the Cleric perk and the Vext trait work differently. Their wording is very similar, though, so if that’s intentional I would consider addressing it. Now for Derivation, where it gets really funky:

  • Defense gained: ~189k
  • Expected boost (bonuses additive): ~65k
  • Expected boost (no bonuses): ~28k
  • Expected boost (no bonuses, only counting the base defense value from step 1): ~13k
  • Actual boost: 9.7k (???)

Based on some quick testing and my napkin math, it appears that Derivation is only granting its one-point effect (3% of the stats) regardless of the number of points invested (tested with 1, 4, and 5 points to identical results).

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!