0.10.12 Win10 Typo Thread

Should be “… consequences …”

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Should probably match floating text and read “… In Next Normal Battle” (or the other way around^^ I didn’t yet test whether it works in non-normal battles)

Floating text also doesn’t mention normal battles, so I figured this might just work in any battle, but I tested it against both a Nether Boss and a Rodian Creature Master and it worked against neither. Possibly isn’t a typo but instead a bug with the Gem Piles :wink:

Similarly, this doesn’t work against neither Rodian Creature Masters nor Nether Bosses, contrary to the floating text as well:

Probably should be “… grumpy-looking …”

Probably should be “… small, crying …”

I found one as well. It would appear the spell shellbust has been spelt wrong.

I believe it should be shellbuRst

Three-for-one! :wink:
Missing space; should be “… Arena is …”
Superfluous hyphen; should be “… outdo …”
Plus it seems like it actually shows the last Arena streak, instead of the best.

Should probably be “… furious, keening …”

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Should probably be “… sickening, crunchy splat, …” and maybe even “A barely identifiable, fleshy chunk …”

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Superfluous hyphen; should be “… off guard!)”

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Should probably be “A large, sticky …”

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For consistency, this should probably be “… Bat …”

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Probably should be “Skulls Collected …”, particularly since bones can also be found in Great Pandemonium.

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The “Of Blood and Bone” realm quest in Titan’s Wound no longer requires a key to open the large chest