[0.10.12] Witch Doctor does not keep team build intact after game is closed

When I swap to the Witch Doctor spec, it does not swap to my Witch Doctor team. I have to use a Stable Group to even get the team assembled. When I swap back to a new spec and then back to Witch Doctor, it works, but when I close the game it resets back to the buggy state.

Bumping this, it still happens…or at least I’m pretty sure it’s still happening…

I’m not seeing an issue with this on my end. Could you please tell me the exact steps you’re taking to reproduce the bug?

I think they mean when you switch into the Witch Doctor spec from another spec, it does not maintain the team from the witch doctor’s but instead the team you used from the previous spec.

JTR is correct. I play mainly Cabalist, but if I swap to WD, I still have my Cabalist team after I swap. I can swap the correct way after adding the correct stable group as my team, but once I turn the game off and then come back to it, it no longer swaps to the correct team, reverting back to whatever team I had before I pick WD.