0.11.5 creature and spell sounds no longer working

Hello folks, new member here!
I got the game and have been enjoying it since July. Until the latest patches came out (which I updated at once just yesterdyy), I’ve noticed that all of the spell/creature sounds no longer play in battle. Not sure if it’s intentional or not. But for a visually impaired player, having those sound indications helps a lot with battle. I don’t need to use OCR to read battle history every time and billions of buff/debuff happening at once in one round drowns some of the earlier ones anyway (battling 4 wights with all of them buffed after one is killed, imagine the screen). At least those creature and spell sounds kinda give me a clue of what goes on without having to look, especially in cases of long battle history.
Is there anything that can be done about that?

not sure if it’ll help, but resetting the options to the defaults could fix it.

Options → Reset Options

Wouldn’t it mess with my gameplay stuff like movement sounds and autointeract? I’m not sure if resetting and setting it back will fix it since it’s the same anyway. I’ve looked into the gameplay option and the audio option. There’s no indication of what can cause those sounds to disappear. Does it still work for you guys with latest patch?

I answered my own question.:frowning: Turns out, I turned off battle animations by accident in one option visit (which I had no idea when). That option was the one controling creature and spell sounds. Whoops, worth noting. I twas panicky to hell thinking the new patch broke something. It was bulk with content. Would have been sad if it indeed broke stuff that could potentially help with accessibility.