0.11.5 Linus Manjaro Weird Pandemonium fever trait + Downturn trait interactions with Cloud Connected trait on enemy

Well, im not sure how this works, but i have a war automaton with an artifact socketed with pandemoniun fever, so, i realized, when there is a raving storm in the enemy team, when start of battle and turn effects resolve (the first creature with a turn has blitz howl, so i have seen this technically happens after blitz howl damage gets blocked by the repelling buff)) the immunity and repeling buffs of the raving storm/s dissapear (i have master of automatons) which makes me guess, for whatever reason, affliction causes Downturn to proc as if it was the war automaton turn. That said, im also not sure if this works with other traits that grant ”perma” buffs, i have to check it, but i also feel like it shouldnt cleanse the buffs given they happen under the condition that the monater is over a cetain health, and those conditions still apply when they get cleansed in this process.

This said, i dont really understand it, the order of effects appear like this Start of battle>Affliction>Blitz Howl (if it happens) (i assume here is when my first creature turn starts>The many many Debilitating Blast procs>Cleanse of buffs>Momentum applies and i get control of first creature