0.12.3 - Windows - Chimera Master fight - TMere Mrgo

Game closed with no crash log creatures and enemies were doing actions

yep, crashed again on the same master

If you restart Steam is there an update available? It’s possible that I didn’t correctly fix this crash so I’m just making sure.

okay, there was an update. It is fixed

actually, a fresh install of the game, and it crashed at the fight.
Music makes a clip sound, and then the game closes a few seconds later.

I’ve got a 2nd report from someone that you can finish the fight one time, and then the next time the game silently crashes.

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I can confirm this is exactly the same behavior I am seeing. Chimera Master 2, T’Mere M’rgo. Seems to crash at the very start of the fight.

Same here just a small blip in the music then a hard crash tried 3 times and all 3 done this