0.3.2: Floor 31 bug

When you reach Floor 31 for the first time and end up in the Cutthroat Jungle if you return to Siralim before reaching Torun’s statue, then when you attempt to Re-enter floor 31 you will go to the real Eternity’s End and if you meet Vertraag there it counts as completing your Floor 31 mission.

Floor 32 will be Cutthroat Jungle once more, but when you now finally speak to Torun it counts as completing your Floor 32 mission; you may then move immediately on to Floor 33.

You are also stuck with;
The King of Nex
Find and defeat the King of
Nex at Realm Depth 39.

As a mission on your screen, below your current mission for where you presently are in the story.

I presume when I reach Floor 37, I will not have the Speak to Vertraag for the first time mission, but I haven’t reached it yet.

Otherwise, enjoying the game so far. Though I miss features from the previous games, I think this is a good addition to the series. I really do appreciate the updated artwork.

Alright, having now reached floor 37 I can confirm the following;

You do receive the following mission;
God of Time
Find Vertraag’s altar in this

It then immediately tells you that you’ve completed the quest, but the teleporter won’t light up.

Once you find Vertraag, he/she/it? introduces themself again, and you’re able to move off to Floor 38.

Thanks for the details - should have this fixed in the next patch!