0.3.4: Gem Balance?

Hello, I was wondering how people perceive the new gems with regards to balance. My assumption was that the new system was made to encourage using a larger variety of spells rather than just spam the strongest aoe spells until you won. So far I found that really easy to circumnavigate just through the use of arcane and evoker spell spam (which does not consume spell gem charges) as everything will probably be dead after casting the spell once. The result I found is it’s actually easier to get to the point of just spamming nukes until you win compared to s3 because you don’t need to contend with high mana costs.

Then again I doubt this strategy is actually that powerful compared to some of the more “meta” strategies but I was curious of how people liked the new changes. I really like it conceptually - I just personally wish there was more of a reason to use a variety of spells rather than the nukes