0.4.4 Cards not showing up when loot filter set to "normal"

I’ve gotten a few cards since the update adding the loot filter, and I’m pretty sure none of them have showed up in a popup loot window. I have my filter set to “normal”.

“Strict” mentions cards specifically as being shown so I assume normal should also show them?

I just did some testing and all the loot filters appear to be working correctly - cards always show up in the loot window for me no matter what settings I’m using. Please let me know if you end up seeing one on the left side of the screen at some point though!

OK this was very hard to test but I caught it finally (almost missed taking a screenshot lol), confirming that cards are showing up in the list on the left instead of in a popup box:

Also just wanted to confirm my loot filter was on “normal”:

I think I’ve found the problem now, thanks!