0.4.5 equipped spell gems just vanished

I am completely unsure how this happened. I had just finished a realm in Azural’s frozen realm of depth 65 instability 5. I had also just finished a training mission for attack scrolls. All the spell gems my creatures had equipped are now just gone. They were all chaos gems of mixed levels as I was in the process of gathering resources to power them up. I can provide a save file if it might help.

Spell gems that were in my inventory appear to be unaffected.

Sorry that happened! Unfortunately, I’m not really sure where to even start looking for the problem without more information to work with. If it happens again, please let me know.

It’s happened again in Azural’s realm again everyone lost 1 spell gem this time. I will post screenshots of the most recent battle log. It seems to have happened on this fight. It could have happened earlier. I haven’t checked every fight.

and my team setup:

Carver Chopper with traits Eradication/Pummel
Centaur Wrangler with traits Sunny Disposition and Lacerate
Omnipotent Deity with traits Singularity and Thirst for Blood
Chaos guard with traits Vigor and Sidewinder
Flametongue Efreet with traits In flames and Marked with Blood
Ebony Ent with traits Natures Blessing and Eradication

Trickster class specialisation

realm properties shot too in case it helps:

More gems lost on the following fight. I don’t understand why though. I didn’t even use them in the fight. This was against a pack of 6 Ahnok Tremors summoned from the candle exact same realm as previous posts

This isn’t happening every fight. I’ll keep monitoring this.

I was able to save a backup of the file with the lost spell gems before leaving the realm, so can compare what was lost exactly.

From my carver: lost 3 gems out of 3

  • Failed Experiment
  • Implosion
  • Acid Rain

Centaur lost 1 gem out of 3

  • Planets

Centaur Retained 2 gems

  • Hellcry Punch
    -Crush punch

Omnipotent Deity Lost 2 gems out of 2

  • Impale
  • Volcano

Chaos guard lost 1 gem out of 2

  • Blastwave

Chaos guard retained

  • Warp Reality

Flametongue lost 1 out of 2

  • Cloud of Embers

Flametongue retained

  • Lacerate

Ebony Ent lost 2 out of 2

  • Magma Orb
  • Rend

It seems almost random with what’s lost and not lost.

I have backups of both the before and after saves.

Did you start using a certain specialization/perk/trait recently? Something like that might be bugged.

I switched to trickster for the goblet. I am building up this team new too. But the last time I used trickster for the goblet I used the same team as I use for Inquisitor, a Ophan/Priest hybrid team, and they have many more spell gems than I had for this chaos team and I had no issues there… I really wish I could provide more info for you. Most recent perks I put points into were Bafflement and Tools of the Trade. Everything is maxed except for Prey, Feint and Hidden Hand

Not realm specific either. It just happened in Sanctum Umbra lost some equipped spell gems again. I wasn’t monitoring it as closely this morning so I checked just before entering the realm portal, and there were missing gems again. It’s so weird.

I was just thinking about this and might it have something to do with the Pilfer perk?


“At the start of battle, your creatures steal a random Spell Gem from a random enemy.”

Thanks for all the info! Pilfer was my guess as well, but after doing some testing I don’t see how it can be the culprit, unfortunately. What happens if you switch to another specialization? Does it still happen?

It stopped happening after I refunded the perk points at the wardrobe. I have left off Pilfer for now. and it’s not happening anymore so far.