0.4.5: Gradual battle slowdown with many many turns

Windows 10
CPU: 4310U
Intel graphics

Put together based off a build to get as many buffs, spell casts, dire wolves, defends, and provokes as possible.

Steps to reproduce slowdown
0. Enable Steam FPS overlay.
0. Go to realm depth 1 with instability 0

  1. Kill all enemies except 1
  2. Defend or provoke for the creatures that have traits that trigger when that creature does that action.
  3. Choose provoke for any other creatures.
  4. Put a weight on the E key and come back after 10-15 minutes.

The battle starts at 60 fps, but over ~10 minutes the battle slows down to ~30 fps. When the battle log reaches > 10k lines the fps is down to 25-28 FPS. I stopped the battle after FPS reached 20.

Not sure what is slowing the battle down over time.
Who would ever do a battle with hundreds of turns.

Save below.
slot1.sav (1 MB)

It was the many many buffs I was receiving every creature turn.

I always get random slowdowns that I can’t figure out, last night I had two creatures whose attacks took a few seconds each, but the other 4 had no issues, lol.
Thought it might have been something to do with the Relics in my case, but couldn’t come to any conclusions… :confused: