0.4.5: Largish save files slow down loading screen

I copied my main save to all 5 slots.
It took a little over 1 minute to get to the title screen. Each save file processing is I believe the 20% increments on the loading screen.
The saves don’t seem that large, as they haven’t crossed the 1MB size yet.

Here’s a video

Here are some counts of things.
creatures to withdraw: 118
artifacts: 68
cards: 238
field items: 25
materials (artifacts): 772
materials (spell gems): 21
nether stones: 44
special items: 4
spell gems: 89

The game is loading your save files at the start, so as their size increases, it’ll take longer. There’s not much that can be done about that, unfortunately.

Fair, it is not too long with only 1 largish file.

I guess my suggestion, is that the saves are loaded twice instead of once.
Once to probably get the player name and time played.
Then, a second time to load and play.

I did some experimenting.
I can swap in a brand new save in slot1 to cut down on loading time till title screen.
I can then swap in the real save which takes a ~4 seconds to load. The save loads fine.