[0.5.1 Test Branch] Nether Boss replaced by Regular Boss in Azure Dream

Hello! Super strange bug here

So I died to the second Nether Boss earlier, then went I went back looking for it, I went trough one of the regular portals and I noticed the dialogue of the Nether Boss displaying here

I ended up not going against the Nether Boss however the Nether boss music was playing and not only that, after defeating it I got the loot as if I defeated the Nether Boss (God keys, etc) and the Realm Quest was complete.

Kept loooking and the Nether Boss Portal was still in the realm and as you seen here I got no Realm Quest cuz was completed earlier with the regular boss.

Went into the fight, Nether Boss music was playing, dialogue was the generic regular boss one and Ianne had not the boss trait but a regular War Crafter trait…

There was no issue with the very first nether boss at all btw, worked as intended.!

Thanks, fixed for the next patch!