0.5.4 Cave Cockatrice trait doesn't behave as likely intended

Game version: 0.5.4 (possibly fixed on 0.5.6? haven’t verified yet)
OS: Windows 8.1

Creature: Cave Cockatrice
Trait: Weird Dance
At the start of battle, this creature gains 2 random traits that belong to the same race as the first creature in your party.

When I encounter Cave Cockatrice as enemies, this trait only becomes: (1) Traits already available on the battlefield and (2) That same trait over and over, instead of changing to something else. For instance, I encountered a group with 2 Cave Cockatrice in it and all 4 of their bonus random traits were “Cannibalistic Tendencies” from a Maniac Mutant in the group. This was the case every time I encountered Cave Cockatrices.

I have not verified if this happens with a Cave Cockatrice on my team instead, since I really had no interest in using the creature.