0.5.4: First realm when starting game has much higher modifiers

The first realm (with instability) when starting the game gets much higher modifiers.

This has actually been the case for many versions, but I wasn’t sure if it was a design decision. It’s a bit annoying when I boot up the game for the first time in a day and forget about this issue so I go into a realm with enemies with way higher stats.

Realm before restarting:

Realm (same as above) after restarting the game:

After rerolling properties on first realm, the % modifiers are back to “normal” values:

I’ve tried to reproduce this issue but I might be doing it wrong.

Here’s what I tried:

  1. Open the teleportation shrine. Press F to randomize the properties of a realm. Note their values.
  2. Save/restart the game.
  3. Open the teleportation shrine again. Note their values.

For me, the values are the same as before I saved/restarted. Is there a step I’m missing to reproduce the problem?

That is correct - another example:

Opened game. Re-rolled realm properties:

Save and Exit (Save and Reload also has the same result):

Exiting or Reloading multiple times does not change the result further, still the same as picture #2.

I’m on 0.5.4, Win 10, but as mentioned this has been an issue for many versions for me, and across multiple save files. Please let me know if you need any other system info etc.

I can confirm that this happens as well. 0.5.4 Steam Proton.

I completed 1 realm, teleported back to the castle. Checked the properties, refreshed them until I got some Extra Stat properties, saved and exited, now the properties are higher.

After reroll

After save and exit

I still can’t reproduce this for some reason, but I do think I see something that might cause the problem - we’ll see if this is fixed in the next patch. Thanks for all the info!

Well, the modifiers no longer change for me when doing the first realm after loading the game vs any other time/rerolling.

However now the modifiers are the “high” versions all the time. Are you saying the lower values were actually the bug? It’s intended for enemies to be gaining 250% extra stats, healing, stat gain, dodging etc reduced by > 80%, casting/attacking more than 10 additional times?

If you’re at 5 Realm Instability, yes.