0.5.6 Bug with Mystical Familiar's Group Meditation

Class: Tribalist
Perks: Feign Death (Max), Forest Pact (Max), Purebred (Max), Hybridization (1)
Creatures: Lvl 47 Eft Howler (Apathetic), Lvl 44 Bloody Howler (Indifferent), Lvl 38 Elemental Familiar (Bashful), Lvl 34 Arcane Familiar (Shrewd), Lvl 26 Mystical Familiar (Apathetic), Lvl 14 Judge Familiar (Apathetic)
Spells: Steel Storm Lvl 5 (no properties) and Magic Missile Lvl 5 (no properties) on all familiars

I have more than 3 familiars as well as Forest Pact, however Mystical Familiar’s Group Meditation trait does not seem to be activating in realms. I don’t regain any spell gem charges at the start of battle.
After using up all my charges on a spell gem in a realm, each battle afterwards that spell gem starts off at 0 instead of 1 charges.

Thanks, fixed for the next patch!