0.5.6 Eye of the Storm (Thunder Storm) and Heretic Blood (Lich Bloodcaster)

Creatures die due to Heretic Blood, casting death spells, despite Eye of the Storm.

Description of traits:
Heretic Blood:
“Your creatures’ death spells now cost 20% health, and don’t consume charges”


“While this creature is above 90% health, your creatures health cannot fall below 5%. This effect is ignored if the incoming damage would exceed 100% of the creatures maximum health”

As worded, I believe death by health cost casting should be prevented.
Obviously, the health cost cast is not damage, and presumably the eye of the storm trait is therefore not being checked. I imagine, with the spell that randomizes health between 1% and 100% similarly eye of the storm probably does not activate, to prevent health being set to 1%.

It would be rather cool if Heretic Blood did count as damage, as one could do all kinds of shenanigans based of it. Anyway, as is, I think the Eye of the storm trait should be reworded, or this interaction fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks, fixed for the next patch!