0.5.6 Not sure if bug or not, resurrection spell while blind

I’ll reiterate that I’m not sure if this is a bug, but with the resurrection spell if a monster casts it while blind it chooses a random target, as it’s supposed to, but it seems like it only ever target living creatures. This is both when my creatures cast it and there are multiple dead creatures on my team, or when the enemy does. Should it not also have a chance to randomly select a dead creature?, just for this and other single target resurrect sells without inadvertently having the other spells like magic missile, shellbust, etc.randomly targetting a creature that is already dead.

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Creature’s thought process:

“Ack! I’m blind! But I need to cast resurrection on my dead ally quick! Where was his corpse again…? It must be the one making all that noise!”

Cast resurrection on living ally… everyone else facepalms.


@gay_monster_aunt If possible could you do a cute little comic of this situation. @Jevial has descried it so beautifully I feel like it just has to be drawn, and I suck at drawing myself, otherwise I’d give it a shot.