0.5.6 Obelisk malfunctioning? + side note

I believe this Spell Gem should have…at least 15 charges? Interestingly, sharing spell gems seems to copy the properties but not the rank, so any percentages are based on a rank 1 spell gem.

running on Windows 10

Spell Gems that are shared have fewer Charges. It is also intentional that they’re rank 1 - this is done for balancing purposes.

But the text of the Obelisk trait is:
“Your creatures’ Ethereal Spell Gems have the same number of Charges that they’d have if they weren’t Ethereal.”

How does that work? If they still get fewer charges. I’d also like clarification on how the Obelisk trait interacts with Amethyst Attunement

Amethyst Attunement:
“All creatures’ Ethereal Spell Gems are created with only 1 Charge.”