0.5.6 Shackler's Mastery Bug? (Familiar's and Odd one)

I was testing Shackler’s Mastery with Odd One, and they definitely don’t stack for familiars.
With both, and a full familiar team with a Judge and Spectral Familiar, spells should penetrate 100% of enemy defense, and never cost charges (6+2+2=10). This does not work.
It does work with say just Odd One, and the tribalist traits.

Any update on this? Is it a bug?
I assume Odd One (the cockatrice’s trait that increase race counts by 2) and Shackler’s mastery (the netherboss shop trait that increases race counts by 2) should both have an effect, else Shackler’s mastery is just a weaker Odd one.
They definitely are not stacking for the familiars.