0.6.19 Artifact Duplication / Overwrite

I’m not sure exactly what order of operations triggered it, but I was playing around swapping specializations and swapping menagerie groups when I noticed I now had two artifacts with the same netherstone socketed. The artifact I expected on the creature seems to be gone now (including not on any other creatures).

The artifact lost had a netherstone with the trait nutrient blood, which was somewhat central to my build and not something I have any way to recover.

Alright, so I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing to cause this, but I swapped specs and menagerie groups a couple more times, saved and restarted my game, and now both of those artifacts seem to have the netherstone from a different artifact. So, the bug seems to have to do with overwriting specifically the netherstone slot of an artifact with the netherstone on another artifact.

I just released a patch that should fix this issue. Thanks for the info and for bringing this to my attention!

While I’m sure you’re completely swamped with all the fixes and working on the future content patches, I wanted to see if there was any way to restore the netherstone with the “Nutrient Blood” trait I lost to this bug. Anything else that I could feasibly replace myself I wouldn’t bother you with, but that was my favorite netherstone trait I had found so far, and with the rarity of stones, I’ll probably never find it again. If it’s not possible, no worries, but wanted to at least ask.

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