0.6.19 Diabolic Link Weird Behavior

I’m testing the Diabolic Nemesis trait Diabolic Link with Diabolic Mastery and getting weird and unexpected results. My tests were with no realm props and no specialization set.

I’m using two creatures: a diabolic nemesis with 50 health and a voidlord with 34 health. I have the diabolic mastery trait for “start of battle, your creatures’ races are changed to diabolic horde”. By the start of turn 1, the Nemesis’ health goes from 50->110. The voidlord only goes from 34->37 though. Why the difference?

It looks the the Nemesis gets ((Health + Health) * 1.1) and the voidlord is getting (health * 1.1), but neither of these are what I’d expect from “share their maximum health with each other”

I added a third creature, another diabolic horde with 41 health. With this party, the creatures went from 50, 34, and 41 health to 155, 37, and 141 health, which is consistent which seems to be (own health + own health + other horde health)*1.1 for the horde, and just health *1.1 for the voidlord, so no effect from diabolic horde mastery and weird behavior on the diabolic horde races.