0.6.19 Minor bugs found on new playthrough

Hello. Just downloaded the Beta yesterday and have been playing through from the beginning, and I’ve encountered a few bugs to report.

  1. Blood Grove music continues to play in town if you immediately return there from the teleportation shrine in Realm 1 of a new game.

  2. Blood Grove music has a noticeable glitch in the first few measures, sounds kinda like a skip on an old vinyl record. While I accept the possibility it’s simply the sound card or speakers on my old laptop, it only happens on this track and always in the exact same place.

  3. “The Worst Person In The World” achievement says “Kill A Treasure Golem”, but activates on Treasure Golem running away.

  4. “Out of Batteries” achievement counts the Corpse Explosions automatically cast by the Animator’s Animatus, despite not coming from a spell gem with charges.

Also, a minor balance suggestion. The prevalence of revive effects in floors 25-27 during the Azure Dream section of the story seems a bit high. In Siralim 2/3, enemies were limited by their mana pool on how many times they could revive each other. With the switch to charge-based gems, enemy revive spells can be spammed ad nauseum, making for tedious slog battles unless you’re packing heavy AoE. For anything after the main story, that would be fine. That’s the kind of game Siralim is. For early story realms like the late 20s, it seems a bit too much. Maybe there should be a bit of weighting against revive gems that early on to decrease their prevalence. Or maybe I’m just whiny and play bad builds. That’s possible too. :slight_smile: But I do feel like those floors a bit too revive-heavy.