0.6.20 Can't transmogrify into a creature

Just got level 10 mastery with Grimoires (see topic about customizable creature if you need screenshots) but I can’t transmogrify into anything:

Plenty in bestiary:

As a quick test, could you please try adding a Grimoire to your party and then see if it shows up on the list?

Can confirm, summoning a Faded Grimoire (not even putting in party) made it alone available for both Transmogrify and Customizable Creature.

Perfect, thanks for the help/information!

Are there any plans to change this behavior? Just wondering if I should go through and summon everything once.

If you will be keeping the summon required bit, it would be nice if we could have some indication if a creature has ever been summoned in the past. :slight_smile:

This should have been fixed in 0.7.0 - is that not the case?

Looks like not. :frowning: Pyro Grimoire is in my bestiary and I intentionally did not summon it so I could check. It is not showing up in either the custom creature or transmogrify lists:

Ok, thanks for letting me know! I’ll make sure this is fixed today.

Can you please try updating to 0.7.1 and see if that solves the problem for you? Everything looks good on my end!

Confirmed, he’s in the list now! Thanks for fixing this one.

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