0.6.20 Minor typos/bugs

A few typos and minor bugs.


  1. Blood Mage perk Sacrifice has ‘%’ for number of buffs, should be flat number.
    “they gain 0% (+1% per rank) random buff(s)” >> “they gain 0 (+1 per rank) random buff(s)”.

  2. Paladin perk Miraculous Recovery has an extraneous ‘+’.
    “recover 0% (+2% per rank) + Health” >> “recover 0% (+2% per rank) Health”

  3. Pyromancer perk Roaring Blaze’s damage text only displays a single floating ‘(’ under the damage number instead of the full ability name in parenthesese.
    “(” >> “(Roaring Blaze)”


  1. Upper-left corner of Eternity’s End has an odd-colored square (looks like it’s been highlighted in green).
    NOTE: Not consistently happening. Happened only in the upper-left-most square, might not be exclusive to this zone, but only place I’ve seen it so far.

  2. Varve Imling’s heal says it occurs after an Imler takes damage, but currently happens before.

  3. Doomguard Master exists, but his achievements don’t.

Sidenote re: Masters
I’m consistently encountering Masters that either have duplicate creatures (rather than a mix of six different ones) or in some cases have creatures outside of their race that have been reclassified as their race (e.g. the Plague Doctor Master has two non-PD, one of which I remember was a Spectre, that are listed as Plague Doctors when you inspect them). I don’t know if this is a bug, a placeholder, or intended, but I can provide a more detailed list of offenders if it’s a bug.

Thanks for all the bug reports!

Just to clarify: the things you mentioned in your sidenote at the bottom of your post are all intended.

Got a screenshot of the green tile, this time in Kingdom of Heretics. Can occur in any Realm apparently, but isn’t always there. EDIT: Found one in Barrens as well, always that top-left tile like in the screenshot.

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s causing that to happen since before the game was even released, but I just can’t seem to find where it’s coming from. Realistically, this is one bug that will probably never go away :frowning:

I may be mistaken, but I vaguely remember seeing this happen in either Siralim 2 or 3 as well, though I tried and failed to replicate it in 3 this morning. The underlying tile sprite is rendered normally, just miscolored, which makes me wonder if it’s tied to the function that paints/unpaints the fog of war. Maybe occasionally getting an erroneous value written into the RGB values. Maybe the coordinates of the tile?