0.6.20 More minor bugs/typos (with bonus weird bug)

A couple of these are interesting, because whether they or a bug or a typo depends on the intended functionality.

  1. Chip Off The Block trait says “your creatures gain”, but does not apply to the creature with the trait. Assuming this is correct behavior, the trait should say “your other creatures gain”.

  2. Vigilance trait says “intercepts attacks”, but does not intercept attacks from friendly creatures (either intentional attacks or those from spells like Mind Control). Assuming this is correct behavior, the trait should say “intercepts enemy attacks”. I mention this one because friendly fire attacks do trigger other attack-related traits, such as Second Wind.

  3. Master of Osseins trait has a word wrap when viewed in battle (doesn’t happen when viewing the material in your inventory):
    “If all the creatures in your party are Ossein
    s, they start battles with Rebirth.”

  4. Amaranth Master exists, but his achievements do not.

  5. Obscure input quirk with Turbo enabled. While holding down the OK button, it is possible to use a precisely timed directional input to move the cursor immediately after selecting a target, resulting in cursor memory being tied to the creature you moved the cursor to rather than the creature you targeted with the command. The underlying functionality makes sense: the cursor memory goes where the cursor goes. The bug is that you can move the cursor after the command has been entered. Not particularly problematic, just an odd bug I accidentally stumbled onto.