0.6.20 Trait bugs

OS: Windows 10

Version: 0.6.20

  1. The Ice Salamander trait Naivety doesn’t trigger consistently. It seems to not trigger when taking indirect damage in excess of 15%. I’ve witnessed this behavior when taking damage from Bleeding and the Nemesis affix that causes damage equal to 20% of Max Health at the beginning of your turn.

  2. The Gargoyle trait Reign of Chaos sometimes doesn’t trigger. I have a creature that is fused with a Mimic so it always starts at the top of the timeline. I have that creature cast Chaos Nexus on itself every combat to change the enemy classes to Chaos. Sometimes it casts it 3 times like it should, and sometimes it only casts once. I have checked enemies for traits that might interfere with the additional casts, but I don’t see anything and all other spells will cast 3 times as expected. While this spell doesn’t do anything itself with the additional casts, I do have another creature that gains 5% Intelligence for each Spell cast in the current battle from the Annex trait, so the extra casts have an impact on that.