0.6.8 Feedback on gate of gods

The fights:

For a sufficiently strong build, the fights need minimal tweaking between god battles, even at difficulty 10.
I was able to use basically the same build for all battles, with minor tweaks of swapping a trait or two out, or some spell gems.

I feel the stat adjustment at difficulty 10 is insufficient.

Going through the fights:

  1. Aoelian was very bugged for me - he eventually died to non-spell non-attack damage!
  2. Apocranox - I thought this was a good mechanic, though a sufficiently general overtunned stat stacking build makes it easy. I tried using some defensive trait combos, but they were bugged, and ended up just cheesing it instead.
  3. Aurum - A nice mechanic, v.good against stat stacking builds, I would imagine. Easy enough to work around, but a nice mechanic.
  4. Azural - seems rather simplistic, just tack some buffs onto a preexisting build. I simply switched specialization to Warden, and made no build changes
  5. Erebyss - great mechanic. I would make it at the start of every one of her turns, rather than every other.
  6. Friden - perhaps a bit heavy handed, but I really liked the mechanic. It forces you to at least somewhat adapt a build.
  7. Gonfurian - frustrating fight, and not that much too it. I went with stat stacking, and tacked on some more debuff capability. On balance, I do like it though
  8. Lister - I found that one defensive trait setup bugged for me. Again, Chrysoar’s Ambition does not always work, and I had no luck with the Tenebris Avatar trait working either… I tried spamming exhaustion, and timewalk, neither seemed to have any effect. Stat stacking would have probably worked fine, but I through together something defensive and waited it out
  9. Meraxis, nice mechanic. Again strong stat stacking makes it easy
  10. Mortem, just takes a long long time…
  11. Peridition, v.easy, for pretty much any strong build, as the god has nothing defensive, nor anything particularly challenging offensively
  12. Regalis, Nice mechanic, but easy to overcome with mass dispel or simply enough upfront damage
  13. Surathil, easy and no tweaking needed, thematically I like the mechanic though
  14. Tartarith, great mechanic, at least most builds will need some tweaking, easy tweaking to do but I still really like it.
  15. Tenebris, v.easy to overcome with buff removal, still I like it. It seemed bugged to me, though, as when I fought him, nobody seemed to go invisible!!
  16. Torun, steamrolled this fight, not actually sure what the mechanic is…
  17. Venedon, like Peridition, v.easy
  18. Vertraag, nice mechanic, no further comment
  19. Vulcanar, easy fight, and presumably v.easy to counter using an anti-resurrection trait. I think it could easily apply to all his creatures and not just him, and still be an easy god fight.
  20. Yseros, v.nice mechanic against spell based builds, v.easy for stat stacking builds
  21. Zonte, v.nice mechanic. I simply steam rolled it with a strong build, but it was touch and go for a bit.

The avatar traits:

  1. Aeolian - Great
  2. Apocranox - v.boring, and not very strong, at least i.m.o
  3. Aurum - one of my favorites. How an avatar should be
  4. Azural - boring, and not very strong, i.m.o, but I could well be wrong
  5. Erebyss - nice, not super strong, but I like it
  6. Friden - v.solid, I like it
  7. Gonfurian - hmm… interesting, not sure how it is useful, nor why it is an avatar level trait
  8. Lister - interesting, does time warp actually increase the turn taken amount?
  9. Meraxis - v.solid, and good - maybe also add “your creatures cannot be prevent from gaining stats”? as else the avatar can be completely countered by a single enemy trait.
  10. Mortem - boring, and not very strong. Does not seem like an avatar trait, i.m.o, but I could be missing something
  11. Perdition - v.interesting, I like it! However, it does not seem to work against bosses, and so it seems a bit lack luster… Unsure how to fix that, either it is lack luster, or OP…
  12. Regalis - not nearly as good, now that trait sharing via Golems is a thing… still decent, but it no longer even seems particularly avatar level. I would change it to: “Creatures of this creature’s class always have each other’s innate traits” So that it is an ongoing effect, and not a thing of temporary traits.
  13. Surathil - v.good
  14. Tartarith - again, I imagine it does not work against bosses, and so it seems rather lack luster… a bit useless; there are far easier ways to kill things than have them take repeated turns at high health…
  15. Tenebris - I really like this. Another great trait, like Aurum. Amazing, if it worked… seems to be bugged at the moment.
  16. Torun - a classic
  17. Venedon - I like it. good avatar level trait.
  18. Vertraag - unsure, I have not tested the ‘powerful’ spells.
  19. Vulcanar - I like it, decent avatar trait
  20. Yseros - very nice idea, I might buff it slightly to three gained traits… unsure… The thing is that planned trait combos are so so much stronger than random assortments
  21. Zonte - meh, really not much at all of a buff to spells, decidedly underwhelming. Amounts to like 30% more spell potency…

Note: atm you have to enter battle to see an Avatar’s Ultimate Spell gem, unless I am missing something. It would be nice if it appeared in the list of equipped spell gems, for inspection, when out of battle. Indeed, not having that ability is why I have not commented on their spells.

To summarize the avatar traits:

Tenebris and Aurum

Aeolian, Meraxis (but make stat gain unpreventable), Friden, Surathil, Torun, Venedon, Yseros (maybe buff?), Erebyss, and Vulcanar (seems good, but not sure)

I think these could do with possibly a rework:
Zonte, Tartarith, Apocranox, and Mortem

Unsure of:
Perdition, Azural, Lister, Regalis, Vertraag, and Gonfurian

Thank you for your feedback! That’s very useful.