0.7.0 Gate of the Gods Project isn't there

I just looped around the Netherboss pool, and am at realm depth 226 now. I still don’t see any GotK project. I know I defeated a bunch of bosses a few patches ago, stopped playing, then came back a few weeks ago. Perhaps the check for netherboss kills is tied to something that I don’t have?

Could you please attach your save file here or e-mail it to zack@thylacinestudios.com so I can see what’s going on? You’ll find it in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Siralim Ultimate\save and it will end in .sav.

Here you go!

slot1.sav (512 KB)

It looks like you haven’t defeated all the Nether Bosses yet - Scylla and Charybdis is next for you at depth 230 and then there are several more beyond that.

Interesting, I was counting 35 using the codex since I for some reason thought it was updating as I killed more. I saw Qila again (at least judging by the dialog text), so I figured I had looped. What’s the best way to determine progress here?

Probably by checking the Nether Shopkeeper.
I also thought I saw some bosses a second time earlier on, but I’m only a little more than halfway through.