0.7.1 Friden didn't take damage after attacking with Blighted and Leeching, even when below 100% Health, possibly an unrelated issue with Leeching/Patriarchy interaction

So I figured I’d use the Astrologer to get the chance to cast Parasites before Friden’s creatures go to town on my team :slight_smile: However, he then killed my Sandstone Imler without any ill effect…

Update: after it was pointed out that Friden would need to be <100% Health for healing to happen, I tried again, this time with Everything’s Gone. Eventually, the enemy’s Ruby Carbuncle attacked my Diamond Imling, but still no healing:

Even though Ruby Carbuncle was clearly below 100% Health:
Maybe Leeching just didn’t trigger because the damage was redirected with Patriarchy?

Update 2: Now I tried using Sorcery Transformation along with Everything’s Gone, and cast a bunch of Mutilates and Bangin’ Bourbon at Friden and his cohorts. I am pretty sure that this should have worked. Still, not a scratch…

Windows 10

I’m guessing Friden was at full health, in which case creatures can’t be healed so he wouldn’t have taken damage from Blighted.

Aah that makes a lot of sense, thanks :slight_smile: