0.7.1 Loot filter doesn't work in castle

Playing on Windows 10

This is intentional - it only works in realms.

May I ask why you intended it this way? I don’t see why anyone would care more about the loot they receive in the castle than from anywhere else…

I would think that it’s because in realms it interrupts the “flow” having those screens pop up, in the castle, it doesn’t really matter.

I agree with this. I’m totally fine with it not being enabled in the castle.

I am FINE WITH it not being enabled in the castle also, since it doesn’t REALLY matter indeed, and if the statement were that “it is just too hard to fix”, of course I would 100% accept it and move on ^^ But if one is saying that its “not a bug but a feature”, then I do have to wonder what the upside is supposed to be :slight_smile: