0.7.1 Numbing Venom & Second Wind

  1. Numbing Venom should increase the intensity of a foe’s active poison debuff when they fail to break out. The poison potency only increases when a foe fails to break out on an enemy’s turn, however.

  2. If a foe uses absolute corruption to shift poison & snare onto one of the player’s creatures while the player has numbing venom, then the player’s creatures will have their poison intensity increase when they fail to break out of the snare.

  3. Second Wind (Valkyrie Shieldmaiden) does not take effect when the Unscathed trait + Mending status are also active on a creature- as I read the traits, on an attack, second wind should activate, healing the creature for 25% max HP, followed by Unscathed + Mending healing them for 30% of max HP.