0.7.1 Obelisk doesn't work on Ethereal Spell Gems from 'Generous'

So my Ethereal Spell Gems now have the correct number of maximum charges, but while Mutilate gets created with 10/10 charges and Inner Destruction gets created with 15/15 charges, Judgment gets created with 1/15 charges and Flourish gets created with 1/5 charges.

Windows 10

What’s creating those gems? Need as much info as possible to figure out what’s interacting with them incorrectly.

Good point, now I notice that Judgment and Flourish (which seem bugged) are created by the ‘Generous’ property of the original, whereas the other Ethereal Spell Gems (which seem fine) are created by traits. So the ‘Generous’ property is to blame probably :slight_smile: