0.7.1: Spell gem crafting item screen is very slow to close

OS: Linux

After showing the spell gem crafted, for a few seconds, no button presses are accepted. So, pressing a button and waiting won’t do anything. The player has to wait a few seconds, and then press a button for the popup to close.

Crafting a new artifact doesn’t have this issue when closing the item get popup. It happens in < 1 second.

I’ve had the same issue, which is particularly annoying when you want to craft multiple copies of a single spell gem. It seems that you have to wait until the sound is finished playing, so it could be some bug with (playing) that sound; every other sound in the game seems fine.

Windows 10

I just ground my first Spell Gems and noticed a similar issue there; the sound is shorter but grinding would still be at least 4-5 times quicker without this problem.

OP: please edit that topic to read “…crafting/grinding item screens are…” for better visibility. Didn’t want to make a separate, semi-redundant post^^