0.7.1 Stuttering on high-end PC

Operating system: Windows 10 10.0.19042
CPU: i9-9900k
GPU: 2080ti
SSD: 970 Evo Pro
RAM: 32gb 2666mhz

Experiencing stuttering when notifications come up, loading into “caves” for mini-bosses, and sometimes during battles and when in the realm(s). Stutters last ~0.5 seconds.

Edit: Looks to be related to the text overlay system. Whenever I get a new notification and open the notification window, the game stutters when I close it. Is reproducable and consistent.

Edit 2.0: Stuttering solved when leaving fullscreen (entered fullscreen by pressing alt-enter) and going back to windowed mode. Noticed that there’s no fullscreen option under “Display” in-game so maybe forcing Fullscreen via alt-enter wasn’t the best idea as it’s not officially supported yet like S3.