0.7.1 The Truth trait bugs

I have a group with an Yseros Avatar in it, and 4 Angels that are unfused. They gain 2 additional Angel traits at the beginning of battle, however they only gain from Pyre, Rime, and Scourge. I have 3 other Angels known to me in my Bestiary, 2 of which are in my group, but those traits never are used. Additionally, the Angels that have Rime and Scourge traits innately get a duplicate of those traits about half the time, which should never happen according to the trait description.

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!

As of 0.8.10, This trait is still giving duplicate temporary traits despite the wording specifically stating that should not happen. For example, my Doomblight Angel with the Scourge innate trait gains Scourge as a temporary trait at the start of battle.

Do you have other Angels in your bestiary that it can pull traits from? If it can’t find any more traits, it will allow duplicates, so maybe that’s the issue?

I have all 7 in my Bestiary at level E knowledge:


Ok, thanks for the information! I’ll take a look.