0.7.1 Trait "Empowered Soul Sacrifice" causing unusual behavior

Preface: I am not 100% sure the trait is causing it, but I have not identified anything else that would be.

Version: Latest (0.7.1)
OS: Windows 8.1
I chose Valentine Banshee for an Arena run, and she got these Spell gems:

Morph: Death
Soul Sacrifice (Temporary)

When I casted Misery, “Target is afflicted with Weak, Vulnerable, Feared, Cursed, and Scorned.”, it put the debuffs on all 12 creatures on the battlefield. These were the other monsters present, which don’t have any traits that would do something like that:

My team (pretty bad picks, don’t laugh!):

  1. Siege Automaton
  2. Mutated Pulse Bat
  3. Infernal Guard
  4. Valentine Banshee
  5. Planetary Amaranth
  6. Ancient Yeti

Enemy team:

  1. Dumpling
  2. Rimefist Yeti
  3. Night Koloss
  4. Blood Crusader
  5. Decaying Vulpes
  6. Hunter Scout

I had casted Misery on the Blood Crusader. His spell gems were Condemn Light, Protect, and Transcendence.

Edit: Just tried casting Engorge with her and it also affects every creature on the battlefield.

Probably already fixed for the next patch; see 0.7.1 Valentine Banshee casts Inner Destruction on everyone - #2 by Zack