0.7.1 - Windows: Flicker on XP screen transition when fullscreen + can't record parts while in fullscreen

There is a flicker when transitioning between battles on the XP screen -> realm.

I attempted to record the flicker, but strangely parts of the video go blank when the battle starts and transitions (the flicker doesn’t appear)

Got a recording from my phone frame by frame.
The transition is a fade perhaps. It sure looks like a flicker when done fast.
Here’s the frame by frame.

Here’s the full recording. Seems the creature screen disappears and reappears for a frame as well.

A similar flicker is happening when entering a realm from the castle.
I think one happened while entering the riddle dwarf nether realm as well.

Once again, fullscreen.

When loading a save file, the screen goes black, then a couple seconds later it flickers in the loading image shortly after the castle loads.