0.8.10 Apocalypse trait errors

This problem exists either as an error in the wording or an error in the execution of the Apocalypse traits.

Rather than saying that creatures “gain” stats, Apocalypse traits state that creatures simply “have” higher attributes - be it stats, damage, crit damage, depending on the creature - thus making that the new norm/baseline. This suggests that the game would handle these altered stats differently when things like death occur, and creatures would not lose these stats, as there is nothing to revert from, given that these altered stats are the new norm. They ‘have’ them. They have ‘gained’ nothing.

However, just like gaining stats, these stats are lost on death and revival. This is not reflected in the wording of the trait, as stated.

Is this an error in the game’s execution of these traits, or just wording? Consistent wording is important, especially in a game as broad in scope as this one, and one or the other needs changing.

Are you referring to Urh Harbinger? That trait works exactly as the description states and it does persist after revival.

I’ve tested this, and I can grab screenshots for you on another run if you want.

Urh Harbinger and another sacrificial lamb of a character with no stat interference, both at level 100 in 0 realm instability depth 1, both took one turn.

They successfully gained their stats - for want of a better term

Reincarnation was cast on one of the creatures

The reincarnated creature’s stats reverted to their normal values

Sorry - it was Aaxer Apocalypse. Urh Harbinger is the trait name.

So - strangely, I’ve done another test and this time come back with different results. This time, the test was carried out on a Vampire Bat after a successful defended turn. The bat retained its stats.

Tests were initially carried out with a Gorum Apocalypse, if that helps. Maybe there’s a bug there? Unless I sacrificed the Aaxer Apocalypse and the stats initialised: but that wouldn’t make any sense, as then we bump into the wording issue again. I think.

One last test - with the initial team again. Aaxer and Gorum. Repeated reincarnations have shown the stats NOT initialise.

I cannot explain this. The first time I ran this test, the stats initialised on reincarnation. I was doing this with a friend watching to be my eyes - this wasn’t just me. I don’t understand how this happened. I’ll try to keep my eye out for anything that could cause this.